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NGC 7380 – Cluster Plus Nebula in Cepheus

November 7, 2011

NGC 7380:  Cluster plus Nebula in Cepheus

Locating and seeing this cluster with a 10-inch was very easy, however, the associated nebula proved to be very difficult.  The 10-inch reflector presented this cluster as sparse, mostly irregular in shape, with about 25 brighter members being counted.  The nebula could only be seen when using an O-III filter, with great difficulty, patience and averted vision, from a moderately light polluted site.  The NELM during this observing session was 5.5 with good seeing.  The brightest and most concentrated portion is in the central region, surrounding a chain of four stars, oriented in an approximate NNW-SW alignment.  Other areas of nebulosity, could be seen, but not constantly, one very faint section was noted to the west, and another toward the south.  Just to the east lies a row of four very faint stars in a north-south orientation.  A beautiful and fairly bright double star lies to the west of the cluster.  The sketch was made at a magnification of 104x, using drawing and graphite pencils, on a 5 x 8 notecard.