Enjoy Your Amateur Astronomy More…Find a Purpose!

Do you want to enjoy your observing more?   Are you beginning to become a bit bored, maybe losing interest in amateur astronomy?  The following suggestions just might help bring back that enthusiasm and excitement which  you once had.

I have found it difficult to go out, observe some of the brighter Messier objects, and then find myself back in the house within an hour or so.  No sketches, not even a note!  This type of observing can and will burn you out pretty fast.  The solution:  Find a purpose!  Make some detailed notes, attempt a sketch and compare what you have seen with photographs or reference books.  How does your notes or sketch compare? 

It can be difficult to discuss an observed deep-sky object with others, without some documentation.  It’s also very rewarding to have detailed notes, a sketch or two, and the deep-sky objects of that night will be with me forever.   

Something for consideration.  Do you have your Astronomical League Messier Certificate?  What about the double or red star list?  The Astronomical League has too many award programs to just wonder around the night sky without a purpose.    



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