IC 405/410 – Flaming Star Nebula – Plus NGC 1893 Open Cluster – Observer’s Challenge – March 2010 – Posted July 20th 2012


The Observer’s Challenge for March 2010 contains two of the most difficult objects to-date for the visual observer.  IC 405 is a diffuse nebula, also called the “Flaming Star Nebula.”  It is illuminated by the variable star, AE Auriga.  I have attempted IC 405 with my 10-inch on many occasions to no avail.  

Nebula IC 410 is illuminated by open cluster NGC 1893, and is presented as a definite glow surrounding the cluster when using the 10-inch.  

Open Cluster NGC 1893 lies in a very rich star field, but was easy to see in my 4-inch refractor at a magnification of 83x.  With careful observing, at least twenty stars could be counted, but a number of the fainter members were just beyond the limit of the small refractor, creating a faint unresolved glow.    RI

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