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NGC 2672 and NGC 2673 – Double Galaxy In The Constellation Of Cancer – May 11th 2013

May 12, 2013

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NGC 2672 was pretty easy to see with a 10-inch reflector.  However, it took me three observing sessions and at least six hours to hours to see the fainter companion galaxy, NGC 2673.  

Object:  Galaxies NGC 2672 and NGC 2673 in the constellation of Cancer

I spent three nights in my moderately light polluted backyard, attempting to observe galaxies, NGC 2672 and 73.  On the first night, brighter galaxy NGC 2672 was fairly easy, using a 10-inch reflector, at 104x.  However, fainter galaxy NGC 2673, could not be seen.  Both seeing and transparency were only fair, with a NELM of about 4.8, or maybe a little less.  When increasing the magnification to 208x, NGC 2672 was presented as faint with a brighter concentrated core, and a faint elongated halo, oriented EW.  I would spend another night and at least two more hours, and still NGC 2673 could not be seen.

On the third night of observing, both seeing and transparency were superb.  After careful observing, using the 10-inch, and again at a magnification of 208x, NGC 2673 came into view.  I could see a small nucleus, which appeared almost stellar, inside the halo of NGC 2672 when using averted vision.  The following sketch was made using a No. 2 pencil, and a blank 5 x 8 note card, with the colors being inverted using a scanner.  NGC 2673 is the small round dot to the east of brighter galaxy NGC 2672. 

Roger Ivester

NGC 2672-3

Object:  NGC 2672-73  – Galaxies in the constellation of Cancer

On the night of March 9th 2013, using a 10-inch reflector at 208x, NGC 2672 appeared as a round dim fuzzy spot.  Roger encouraged me to look carefully for the fainter companion galaxy, NGC 2673, just to the east.  After what seemed to be the longest time, I gave up in my attempt to see 73.  However, NGC 2672 was pretty easy with a brighter middle and a faint mostly round halo. 

Debbie Ivester