NGC 5981, 5982, 5985 – Draco Galaxy Trio – A Fabulous Summer Galaxy Group

Draco Galaxy Trio – To see the entire Las Vegas Astronomical Observers Challenge report…click on the following link.  

JULY 2013 OBSERVERS CHALLENGE – NGC-5981 5982 5985

Date: June 11, 2013 – Conditions:  NELM 5.2 – Location:  My moderately light polluted backyard –  Telescope: 10-inch reflector – Magnification:  104x and a FOV of 0.79 degrees. 

NGC 5981:  This is the faintest galaxy of the Draco trio.  The surface brightness was very low, requiring a minimum of magnification of 104x and averted vision.  My backyard has several unshielded streetlights nearby.  The galaxy appeared as a very faint streak of light, elongated NW-SE, without any center brightness.  A fairly bright star is located very close to the NW tip.

NGC 5982:  This is the brightest of the group, located between NGC 5981 and NGC 5985.  It’s very easy to see with the 10-inch reflector at low magnification.  This galaxy is well concentrated with a much brighter middle, elongated E-W with a faint oval halo.

NGC 5985:  This galaxy is faint with low surface brightness, and elongated mostly N-S.  The largest member of the group, appearing very extended and diffuse, without any concentration or brightness in the central region.    Roger Ivester

Draco Galaxy Trio

Observer:  Debbie Ivester

Telescope: 10-inch reflector

NGC 5981:  This galaxy was very difficult and averted vision required, appearing as a faint elongated glow.  I could not hold or see this galaxy constantly.

NGC 5982:  Very easy and bright.  Elongated with a much brighter middle.

NGC 5985:  Faint, but much easier to see than NGC 5981, however, appearing pretty dim.  With careful observing, I could see an elongated shape, but difficult due to the poor concentration.    Debbie Ivester

An early sketch and notes for the Cleveland County Astronomical Society Newsletter:  July 1999

1999- Draco Galaxy Trio

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