M30 – Globular Cluster in Capricornus


Pencil sketch using a 10-inch Newtonian reflector @ 195x


Image by Dr. James Dire of Hawaii using a 190 mm Orion Maksutov-Newtonian telescope.

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Bright and well concentrated globular cluster. Using a 10-inch reflector, at 195x some partial resolution of stars. The cluster is elongated E-W, with two distinct star chains radiating out toward the N and NW. A fainter chain extends NNE. The most northerly chain is comprised of four stars. When using a 102 mm refractor, the star chains could not be seen, but the edges appear very irregular, with a brighter middle, and with an E-W elongation.

M30 has always been one of my favorite globular clusters, due in part to the unique star chains extending out from the very bright central region.    Roger Ivester

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