NGC 4244 – Galaxy in Canes Venatici – Observer’s Challenge – May 2015

NGC 4244, galaxy in Canes Venatici

Date: May 22nd 2015
Telescope: 10-inch Newtonian Reflector
Sketch Magnification: 114x
Field Of View: 0.50º
NELM: 4.8 – 5.0

Due to the clouds and rain in western North Carolina for the past couple or more months, it’s been impossible for me to observe. Fortunately, I had a window of opportunity on Friday night, May 22nd, to log a new observation of NGC 4244, for this months Observer’s Challenge. The last time I observed this galaxy was over twenty years ago, and my notes were rather sparse, and unfortunately I had not made a sketch.

Due to the crescent moon, at about 10º above the tree line, the galaxy could not be seen. At about 11:00 EDT, I was able to begin my observation. The moon was still creating a brightness in the sky, even though it was setting in the trees. I waited till the moon was below the horizon before beginning my observation, notes and sketch.

10-inch at a magnification of 114x: Large, low surface brightness, highly elongated, oriented NE-SW. A mostly smooth texture with little or no center brightness. A faint star lies on the the northern tip, just touching the halo. On the SW edge a pair of faint stars could be seen using averted vision, and just below this double, a fairly bright star.

Roger Ivester

Pencil sketches:  The original made at the telescope eyepiece and inverted color via computer.


Rogers NGC-4244 Try 3

The following image by Dr. James Dire of Hawaii, 150 mins exposure (10 x 15) using a 102 Apochromatic Refractor.


To read the entire “Observer’s Challenge” report:  MAY 2015 OBSERVERS CHALLENGE – NGC-4244-1

This is our 76th consecutive LVAS Observer’s Challenge report, and are hoping for many more years.  It has not only made me a better observer….it’s always interesting to read the assessment and observation of others.  roger

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