M83 – Galaxy in Hydra – Difficult Due Only to its Southerly Location

M83, NGC 5236:  Galaxy in Hyra

Observer’s Challenge Report:  JUNE 2015 OBSERVERS CHALLENGE – M-083

Telescope: 10-inch f/4.5 Newtonian reflector

Sketch magnification: 57x;  FOV: 0.50º – 30 arc minutes 

Conditions:  Poor transparency at ~4.5 NELM. 

April 9th 1997:  Very bright, stellar nucleus, brighter elongated central region, oriented NNE-SSW, with a faint mostly round halo. With patience and averted vision, a very subtle curving arm, ESE of the core. This was very surprising considering the sky glow and southerly location of this galaxy from my backyard. Despite the light pollution, and haze, this galaxy was fairly easy to locate using my 10-inch reflector at 57x.

May 1992:  10-inch reflector @ 57x:  Faint, mostly round, but with a subtle elongated shape when using averted vision. Very difficult due to unshielded street lights in very close proximity to my backyard.  

The following pencil sketch was made using a No. 2 pencil, blank note card with the colors inverted: 

Rogers M-083 A


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