A Tribute to Longtime Amateur Astronomer: Marion “Rusty” McDonald: October 31, 1932 – October 2, 2015

Rusty McDonald was born in Shelby, North Carolina.  In 1955, after college, he moved to Los Angeles to work for Garrett AiResearch.  It was there that Rusty found and married the love of his life, Barbara Bergman.  In 1992, Rusty and Barbara moved back to Shelby, and became very active members of the CCAS.  It was with their association with the CCAS that both Debbie and I became very good friends with the McDonald’s, as well as many others of the astronomy club.  We feel it was a true honor and privilege to have known this wonderful couple, and become their friends.  It was in the mid-90’s that the famous telescope builder, John Dobson of the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers spent at least a week with the McDonald’s.  The Dobsonian Telescope Mount which is so popular today was named after Dobson.

Barbara passed away in October, 2000.

Rusty…you will certainly be missed by your wonderful family and many many friends!!!

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Rusty was very proud of his Scottish Heritage.  Bagpiper, Mr. Mark Bosemiller was a part of the service today….


Below: John Dobson giving some astronomy advice in the McDonald’s living room.



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