NGC 1023 – Galaxy In Perseus


NGC 1023 – Galaxy in Perseus
Observer: Roger Ivester
Date: November 3rd 2003
Conditions: NELM ~ 5.5
Seeing: Excellent
Telescope: 10-inch f/4.5 Newtonian Reflector
Sketch Magnification: 114x
FOV: 0.50º

Description: Small, lens shape, oriented E-W with a broad and well concentrated core, and a stellar nucleus. The halo extensions are very faint, but with well defined edges. A triangle of three stars, making a triangle, just SW of the galaxy, and a chain of three stars leading off toward the NE edge.

I made the following pencil sketch using a 10-inch reflector with the colors inverted via a computer.   Roger Ivester

Rogers NGC-1023

The following image was made by Jim Gianoulakis of Nevada using a 12.5-inch telescope, with six, ten minute images stacked. 



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