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Moon Day by James Mullaney

July 23, 2016

Something I wanted to share by my friend of many years, James Mullaney.  James is an astronomy writer, author, lecturer, former associate editor at both Astronomy and Sky & Telescope Magazines.  I sent James (Jim) a hand written letter almost twenty five years ago, praising him for his reference book “The Finest Deep-Sky Objects” and we’ve corresponded and been friends every since.  I’m really glad that I wrote that letter….sent via USPS with a stamp.   Roger Ivester 


Happy Moon Day! by James Mullaney  July 19 03:15PM -0400

Hi Everyone,

As I do just about every year at this time, I’m pushing for a national or international holiday to celebrate this momentous historic event. If there’s a Columbus Day on the calendar, surely there should be a Moon Day every July 20th. Still amazes me how many people have no clue what that date is (or October 4th, the beginning of the Space Age). Take a poll of your typical planetarium audience to see for yourself. But then just as shocking is how many people don’t know who Carl Sagan was. How very sad and shameful on all accounts.

Jim Mullaney, FRAS