Celebrating The Universe – The Latest Book By James Mullaney


The very first work of its kind, Celebrating the Universe: The Spirituality & Science of Stargazing by James Mullaney is a guide to the wonders of the heavens visible to the unaided eye, binoculars and small telescopes with a focus on the “soul” of the night sky! This travel guide to the stars is written from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective in addition to a scientific one. The unique unifying theme throughout is the personal benefits of communing with celestial wonders firsthand—the joy and heady excitement of participating in the great cosmic drama unfolding nightly overhead. This involves such little-known aspects of stargazing as therapeutic relaxation, celestial meditation, expansion of consciousness, and spiritual upliftment. Based on his more than 60 years’ experience as an astronomy writer, speaker and stargazer, it’s available from http://www.HayHouse.com or Amazon.com.   By James Mullaney  

I just ordered and received my copy from http://www.Amazon.com only this week.  Once I started reading it was difficult to put down.  It took me back to a simpler time when I was thirteen years old, observing from a weedy field beside my childhood home, using my brother’s 60 mm refractor.  I especially remember those frosty nights of fall after a hot and humid summer.  What a relief!  It was a wonderful feeling being out all by myself….gazing at a beautiful velvety black sky, devoid of light pollution.  Being so new to the hobby it was difficult for me to find deep-sky objects, but that didn’t matter, as I could always study the moon.  I’m just glad that I persevered, as it did get easier.  On some nights I would forget the telescope and just enjoy looking at the different star colors or try to identify the constellations.  I especially remember thinking…. are we all alone or was there life on other planets?  What an exciting time!  Celebrating the Universe took me back to those days.  Roger Ivester

An excerpt from the book:

“Staring up at the sky, we’re looking into the beginning of everything.  We feel young once again, and the child within us is set free.  Our minds are opened to receiving, beyond preconceived notions, the most profound insights about creation and the mysteries of the universe.”   

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