NGC 6015 – Galaxy in Draco – Observer’s Challenge Report – June 2017 #100

A fabulous galaxy, NGC 6015 awaits those who choose to be a part of this months very special observer challenge report….our 100th edition.  

A brief excerpt from Skiff & Luginbuhl:

NGC 6015 – Galaxy – Draco – Mag. 11.1; Size 5.4′ x 2.3′ “This galaxy is faintly visible to 15 cm about 2′.5 E of a mag. 11 star.  In 25 cm it is 3′ x 1′.25 in pa 30º, a fat oval broadly brighter to the center with a narrow central bar occasionally visible.  It grows to 5′.5 x 1′.8 with 30 cm, with weak concentration to a broad core. A mag. 13.5 star is visible within the halo 2′ S.”  Skiff & Luginbuhl;  Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects

RA: 15h 51.4m  Dec. +62º 19′ 

NGC 6015:  The following image provided by James Dire of Hawaii using a 10-inch reflector:



The following image by Mario Motta from Massachusetts using a 32-inch reflector:



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