The “Finest Deep-Sky Objects” by Mullaney and McCall Still Available From Sky & Telescope

Just saw this on the Sky & Telescope “Shop at Sky”.

S&T has the classic book The Finest Deep-Sky Objects by James Mullaney and Wallace McCall for only $0.49. This is a great little paperback (good quality slick paper) and one of my first reference books. I got mine many years ago at Science Hobbies in Charlotte, where I also purchased my first real telescope, a 4.25-inch Edmund f/10 reflector.

This book, along with James Mullaney, Tom Lorenzin, and Tom English inspired my interest in both red stars and doubles, which I enjoy still to this day….

I also had to include a photo of my first serious telescope (4.25-inch Edmund Palomar Jr. circa 1977) which was a step up from my brothers 60 mm Sears (Jason) refractor.

My son, Chadwick pictured below (now in his 40’s…wow! time flies) beside my first and second telescopes. The Edmund is on the right, and my RV-6 Criterion (circa 1978) on the left.

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