Using a 76 mm (3-inch) Reflector and Enjoying The Wonders of The Night Sky

Last night, I didn’t want to set up a larger telescope, but instead scanned the sky for more than an hour using a small 76 mm reflector.  Observing quite a few of my favorite open clusters, a double star or two, planetary nebula and even a galaxy.   

No notes, no sketches….just relaxing, and taking the advice of Leslie Peltier:  

“Were I to write out one prescription designed to alleviate at least some of the self-made miseries of mankind, it would read like this:  “One gentle dose of starlight to be taken each clear night just before retiring”.  Leslie Peltier

“Many books explain how to observe the sky; Starlight Nights explains why.”  In a way, Leslie Peltier is the patron saint of the One Minute Astronomer.”   David Levy

So the next time you want to observe, but are a bit too tired, the weather is too cold or too hot.  So, why not spend a few minutes with binoculars, or a very small telescope and you might just be surprised at what you’ll see. Then there is also the benefit of a great nights sleep?   

I enjoy amateur astronomy much more than I did almost 50 years ago…as a 13 year old kid trying to find my way as an amateur in a weedy field, beside my house in the foothills of North Carolina.  

Roger Ivester


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