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Re: James Dire; June 2018 Reflector Magazine; Deep-Sky Objects; Title: Messier 16; The Eagle Nebula 

Another excellent article by James Dire, who provides a great service to the amateur astronomy community by his willingness to write a truly comprehensive and interesting deep-sky report each and every quarter.  

Seldom do amateur astronomy writers receive a note of appreciation for their work, and that would include the late Evered Kreimer, who co-authored “The Messier Album” with John Mallas. This was/is a very important book for me and so many other amateurs.  

I used this book extensively many years ago when I was attempting to observe all of the Messier objects, for my Astronomical League certificate.  At thirteen years old, never could I have imagined that one day I would observe all of the Messier objects, much less well over a thousand other deep-sky objects.  

I’ve included an excerpt from an article by Justing Balderrama, concerning his interview with Kreimer, who passed away in October 2016.    

“He told me that in the 36 years The Messier Album has been out, he never received one letter, one phone call, nothing. I’m the very first.”  Justin Balderrama “The Young Astronomer”

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