Celebrating the Universe, by Guest Host, Astronomy Author and Lecturer, James Mullaney

Dear Fellow Observers,

My book Celebrating the Universe! represents my “life’s work” (and also my “swan song” – I’ve said it all now!) based on my more than 60 years as a stargazer and “celestial evangelist.” As many of you well know, with all books it’s a struggle to keep them alive (even NY Times best-sellers). 

When sales decline, publishers typically pull the book and take it off the market.  I’ve done everything I can think of to promote it myself since its release in 2013. This isn’t about income – but rather hoping there will still be enough orders that it will be kept in print.  Right now, it’s still available from both www.HayHouse.com and www.Amazon.com

This is the only work of its kind devoted to not only the joys of stargazing but also to personally experiencing the “soul of the night” – something sadly lacking in both amateur and professional astronomy today.

Jim Mullaney
Former Director Buhl & DuPont planetariums
Author Celestial Harvest (Dover)
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