Historic Astronomical Landmark Sold For Scrape: But Now Great News! Supplemental Information Has Been Received. By Guest Host: James Mullaney

Guest Host Post Follow-Up: DOME MYSTERY SOLVED!

Good news!  This is concerning the historic observatory dome being scrapped I wrote about – sent from Phil Harrington below.  (CSC is the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.)  Now the remaining mystery is what dome did my friend from Pittsburgh see and sent a picture of when he went to Leo’s site last week?
My thanks to Phil Harrington for resolving this situation – and to my dear friend Roger Ivester for making his site available for this and all matters important to true amateur astronomy.   Jim Mullaney 

Hello Jim, 
Well, I posted a mea culpa to the group, licking my wounds as I went.  In hindsight, I should have looked at that photo more closely!  For one, Scanlon’s dome was aluminum and that other one is clearly rusty.  Also, I discovered an article in the Pittsburgh club newsletter from 2013 that says the Scanlon dome was saved.  
Phil Harrington 
So now, what dome is this (as pictured below) which was originally identified as the Leo Scanlon dome?   Jim Mullaney 
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