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Boiling Springs, NC: Is This quaint Little Town Located In The Foothills, Now Brighter Than The Inner-City of Chicago? Or Soon Will Be? By Guest Host, Mario Motta, MD (AMA Trustee)

June 10, 2019


In Gloucester, Massachusetts….we have placed 19 watt 3000k Lights made by Cree , and they are more than bright enough, still brighter than what the city replaced. 
Mario Motta, MD  

Date: June 10th 2019 @ 6:45 PM EDT:


My following report written after my presentation to the “American Medical Association” (AMA) in Chicago today.   Mario Motta, MD 

Ok, just finished the interview, it was radio WBEZ in Chicago which will  air this Friday.  

I will be sent a link, which will be sharable.   
So, let me say this:

I have just given an interview to Chicago WBEZ, regarding its conversion of all 275,000 streetlights. In 2016 the AMA passed its report advising 3000k or lower. Chicago has an RFD that listed 4000k lighting. After my ama report, they pulled that, studied the issue themselves and came to the conclusion the ama was correct. They re-issued their RFD with the change to 3000k instead. 

As of this date, they are 1/4 done, and anticipate completion by 2022. Currently they are using 40 watt 3000k lights that dim after 11pm to replace the 90-150 watt HPS lights they are using.

They have complaints that lights are too bright and this is in an urban environment. They apparently have some 2700k lower wattage lights in a storehouse, I was asked what they should do.

I advised that they install 2700k and let the citizens decide, I am confident that citizens will choose warmer lower intensity lighting. 
40 – 50 watt LED’s are ok for the center of a city  as these are the equivalent of 100-150 watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lights.
For more residential but still urban districts of Chicago 40 watt is too bright and intrusive. 
I hope for the sake of Chicago citizens they try out the lower intensity lighting at least for residential districts. 

Roger, it is interesting that your light locally (Boiling Springs, North Carolina) is brighter than even the highly urbanized Chicago environment, which is totally inappropriate. 

You are brighter than Chicago!  With Duke Energy being in the process of changing to “nothing less” than 50 watt LED array 4000k lights!  

This is Despite the health hazards associated with such lighting, as discussed in the latest and definitive AMA study.  

Please advise if I can be of further help.
Mario Motta, MD   

50 watt LED array, 4000k light recently installed on Maxwell Avenue, inside the city limits of Boiling Springs, on a quiet residential street.  The following (photos below) is now my view, after 35 years, looking only yards from our front porch.  Roger Ivester  

We now have “black out shades” regular shades and “black out curtains, in an attempt to keep this dangerous light from entering our bedroom.   After a wonderful life for 35 years on Maxwell Avenue, our life has changed.


And Duke has now made a 50 watt LED array, 4000k light the standard for business streets, open highways, inner-city lighting and now the standard for quite residential streets also.  This is now their minimum LED wattage light, and 4000K.  

This is despite the fact that the latest American Medical Association (AMA) Report has determined the following:  


“Suppressing melatonin production by excessive blue light, leads to a myriad health deleterious health effects.  The most stunning is an increase in certain endocrine related carcinomas.  It is well known that circadian disturbances causes 15-20% increase in breast cancer rates, and a similar increase in prostrate cancers.”   Dr. Mario Motta, MD

Source:  The definitive “American Medical Association” report by Dr. Motta, regarding the dangers of excessive LED lighting.    Roger Ivester

A photo looking toward the excessively bright street light from my front porch.  This is the first thing I see when going outside at night.  I can actually read a magazine from my driveway!