Starlink: (Satellite Constellations) Digital Imaging vs Sketching By Guest Host, James Mullaney

With the overwhelming popularity of astro-imaging among the amateur astronomy community today, those practicing it may soon be in for quite a shock.  With 12,000 Starlink (plus others) satellites in the works, images will surely be spoiled no matter how short the exposure.  

And in the case of wide-field long exposures, there could be dozens of satellite trails of varying magnitudes crossing the image.  

Ironically, visual observing – and good old-fashioned sketching as long promoted by ATMoB member Roger Ivester in his articles, letters, and his “Observer’s Challenge” posts – will be immune to this growing menace.  (Among other notable club members who actively sketch deep-sky objects are Sky & Telescope’s Sue French and Astronomy magazine’s Glenn Chaple.)

Jim Mullaney


Supplemental:  The above article by James Mullaney is something for thought, contemplation and concern for sure.  However,  I’d like to add or give credit to some other visual observer’s who contribute sketches to the Observer’s Challenge report on a regular basis.     

Jaakko Saloranta, Fred Rayworth, Craig Sandler, Mike McCabe, Kenneth Drake, Francisco Silva and also expert astro-photographer, James Dire has been enjoying a bit of sketching as of late.   Roger 


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