NGC 5746, Galaxy in Virgo: June 2021 Observer’s Galaxy Report #149

Monthly Observer’s Challenge

Compiled by:

Roger Ivester, North Carolina


Sue French, New York

June 2021

NGC 5746, Galaxy in Virgo

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This month’s target

William Herschel discovered NGC 5746 on 24 February 1786 with his 18.7-inch reflector. His handwritten journal reads:” Extremely bright, much extended in the parallel, 8 or 9 arcminutes long, bright nucleus.”

A recent study by John Kormendy and Ralf Bender in the Astrophysical Journal presents NGC 5746 as a structural analog of our own galaxy. Both are “are giant, SBb–SBbc galaxies with two pseudobulges, i.e., a compact, disky, star-forming pseudobulge embedded in a vertically thick, ‘red and dead,’ boxy pseudobulge that really is a bar seen almost end-on.” According to the authors, the lives of these galaxies have been dominated by minor mergers and bar-driven evolution for most of the history of the universe. They place NGC 5746 at a distance of 26.7 Mpc (87 million light-years).…872..106K/abstract

NGC 5746’s V(V_T) visual magnitude is 10.32 ± 0.13, and its surface brightness is 12.6. The galaxy’s visible extent through medium-size amateur telescopes under dark skies is in the vicinity of 7.4′ × 1.3′.

Roger Ivester: Observer from North Carolina

NGC 5746 – Galaxy in Virgo 

Date:  May 30, 2021

Telescope:  6-inch f/6 Newtonian 

Sketch Eyepieces:  16mm + 1.9x Barlow 

Magnification:  109x

Field of View:  0.60º

Very easy to locate and see using 46x, mostly in-part being only 20 arc minutes West of bright star,  3.7 magnitude 109 Virginis.  

My best view came at 109x, and presenting the galaxy as highly elongated, oriented almost perfectly N-S.  The core is fairly bright and elongated with faint extensions, coming to a point at both the N and S tips.  

For my sketch, I moved 109 Virginis out of the field of view, to reduce the extreme glare.  

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