Bill Burgess Owner of “Burgess Optical” Passes Away: A Real Loss To The Amateur Astronomy Community. Bill Will Be Especially Missed By His Many Personal Astronomy Friends.

William Charles Burgess, age 59, of Knoxville, Tennessee passed away on Thursday, May 26, 2022. William was born October 17, 1962.

I did not know that Bill Burgess, owner of “Burgess Optical” had passed away.  Anytime I’d see Bill at an astronomy convention, he’s always have a bag of “prototype” astronomy equipment.  

He’d say: “Hey, Roger, I got something to show you…and you’ll like.”  And most of the time he was right.  

It might be a 2-inch format O-III filter for $30 bucks…which I bought, or some great 70º AF eyepieces for only $10 each, and with 20mm’s of eye relief.  He also seemed to have some short focal length APO refractors, and 6-inch reflectors designed for imaging…also at great prices. 

I’d call him for some equipment, and if he was in his office, he’d always answer his phone.  Always, saying: Let me send (whatever it was) try it out, and send me a check if you like it.  

I’ve always liked to support business’ like “Burgess Optical” similar to “University Optics” of the past.  

I really liked Bill, and it seems that too many of my astronomy friends are passing away “especially as of recent times”…and many far too soon. 

Roger Ivester

Tom English provided some great photos of Bill as following during a past TriStar event in Greensboro, NC.

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