Double Stars: The “Now Lost Facet” Of Amateur Astronomy, And A Unitron Refractor Advertisement.

Double and Multiple Stars:

This once very popular facet of amateur astronomy from years past…now has only a very small following.

An advertisement by Unitron from December 1975 at the bottom:  

This ad from 1975, caused me to begin thinking about double stars, along with other sources.  I could never separate Zeta Herculis with a 3-inch telescope, as described in the following.  Has anyone reading this…resolved this double, using a 3 or 4-inch telescope?  

Unitron 3-inch Model 140:

….on the night of August 24 I resolved Zeta Herculis, components 3.0 and 6.5 magnitudes and a separation of 1.3 arc seconds. I not only resolved the stars, but observed clear dark sky between the two components.

Then on the early morning of August 25 I resolved the star Eta Orionis its separate components 3.8 and 4.8 magnitudes of 1.4 arc second separation. It resolved beautifully under magnifications of 131x and 171x as had Zeta Herculis the night before.   R.C. New Mexico 

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