The Sun Today (Wednesday, October 19th 2022) And (October 20th) By Guest Host: Mario Motta

Telescope: Coronada 90mm solar scope, ASI071 MC camera video, processed with Autostakkert, then imPPG, then NAFE, finally Pixinsight.

New image for….”an even more fabulous event” occurring on the sun today at the bottom of this page! Thursday October 20th 2022.

Supplemental Photo as following…The Sun Today: Thursday October 20th 2022

I took an image again, even better than yesterday, more prominences, and.. while observing first I saw a FLARE for the first time.. started fading fast so set up camera and got the tail end of it.

The flare is “white hot spot” along the solar limb at about “7 o’clock”.. was even more impressive when it burst.

Along the upper limb 2 large prominences with great detail, and many smaller prominences all around the solar limb. One sunspot near the center of the sun, with nice magnetic field lines around it, and finally nice prominences along the face of the sun on the left seen on front face of the sun.

A lot going on today, again, really zoom in for the detail on this!

Taken with my 90mm Coronado SolarMax II scope, 2 min video collection, 25 % of frames used of 5,000 frames. ZWO ASI 071 camera, processed autostakker, imPPG, NAFE, then pixinsight.

Mario Motta

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