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A Look Back Almost 60 Years. I Was In The Center With The Cowboy Hat, With My Two Older Brothers, Jimmy And Phillip. Photo’s Made With A Popular Camera Of The Day…Polaroid.

November 15, 2022

This “country dune-buggy” was ahead of its time for the local area. I was only 10 years old at the time, but would ride with my brothers in the fields, crossing creeks and driving as fast as possible on our dirt road.

A 1951 Studebaker body was removed, and everything else down to the frame, and engine. The frame was shortened three-feet, along with the drive-shaft.

This vehicle (the bug as we called it) provided quite a few years of fun. However, it was surprising or should I say “amazing” that either one “or three” brothers were not killed!

It had no seat belts, nor a roll-cage!

The school bus in the background was driven by another brother, 17-year old Donnie. In those days, students drove the school buses. When I was 16, I drove a school bus also. It was perfect! I needed a ride to school, and the county provided me with a bus and paid me! What a great deal, or so I thought so at that time.

However, the rate-of-pay was pretty poor, especially considering I was responsible for the safety of 30 to 40 students. To my knowledge, there was never a problem with students driving school buses.

We had to go through training for about a month or so before becoming certified, and receiving our bus license.