Messier 101 Supernova: By Guest Host Mario Motta

Here is the SN I took in M101 last night (Monday 22, 2023) taken with my 32-inch, using ZWO-ASI6200 camera.

About 4 hours of total imaging, using Lum, R/G/B, and Ha filters, and processed in Pixinsight.

The SN is in the spiral arm in the east (left), and did not put a marker on it as it is bright enough to have a diffraction spike (so self marked!).

Using the face of a clock: The supernova is at an 8:00 position…the bright star with a cross.

(Note: This is processed and should not be used for scientific brightness estimate, only raw images are scientifically valid for that).

However, I estimated from the raw images, about mag. 10.8 currently (pretty much agree with Glenn Chaples’ visual estimate) and easily seen in small telescopes.

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