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Modern and Improved, Full Cut-Off Lighting Fixtures In Matthews, NC

March 7, 2020

     Since late summer 2019, my wife Debbie and I, have had regular business (Animal Eye Clinic) in the city of Matthews, North Carolina, which is a town on the outskirts of Charlotte.  

     Matthews has some excellent and very attractive full cut-off lighting fixtures.  Lighting should be directed downward to avoid glare and excessive light pollution, as the following photos show.   I can’t be for sure if they are 3000k or less, hopefully not 4000k.  However, it appears to me that there is a single bulb inside each light, that would seem to that could be changed, for the optimum temperature and wattage.  

     Many of the lights have back-shields which eliminate unnecessary light shinning on buildings, houses and in windows.  This is a great feature.  Proper outdoor lighting should direct light where it’s needed only.  

     The lights I’m discussing in this section of Matthews are in a “seemingly” newer business and residential area, which is somewhat of an upscale community for sure.  

     I’ll find out more about these lights, as we will be going back to Matthews on a regular basis for the near and distant future. 

     Currently, the trend in many residential areas and for sidewalk lighting in some cities, are the short pole colonial whaling light with 360º of 100-200 watt, 4000k LED’s.  This type of lighting can make it almost impossible to drive and see in the fog and rain.  Making it very difficult to see a pedestrian walking on the side of the road, a cyclists or any road hazard.  

     The short poles direct the light directly into the eye when driving.  These lights are one of the worst lighting fixtures, as related to light pollution.  

     However, I would have to say, the 50 watt 4000k, LED array lights might just be the worst lighting fixture ever produced.  And unfortunately they are being installed in neighborhoods, cities and highways all across the state, and beyond.  

      You’ve seen them.  They are compact, very slim and thin, very modern in appearance and spews “white light” everywhere, turning night into day.   

     All high-intensity LED’s are damaging to wildlife, insects, and also increases the risk of hormonal cancer(s) in both men and women.  That would be prostate and breast cancers.  See the latest American Medical Association report by “AMA Trustee” Mario Motta, MD:

      As I have mentioned earlier, a this is a good illustration:  Note the “apparent” optional back-shield on the following light, which is shielding light from being intrusive and from entering through the windows behind.  



My wife Debbie and our puppy, with one of the lights on:



Multiple fixtures have back-shields to eliminate unnecessary lighting. 

I also noted some interesting fully shielded box lights with “optional” shields? at a CVS Pharmacy, as pictured below.