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“Virgo Diamond” – Proposed name change by astronomy author, lecturer, James Mullaney

May 19, 2015

     The following email was to sent me (May 19, 2015) by James Mullaney, astronomy lecturer, author and a former editor at Sky & Telescope Magazine, and asked if I would share.  Roger Ivester 

Dear Fellow Stargazers:

Re:  Proposed name change for “The Virgo Diamond” which is a very faint five star asterism in Virgo

     As you may know, over the years I’ve given names to nearly a dozen deep-sky wonders.  These include the Blinking Planetary (NGC 6826), the Winter Albireo (h3945), Lassell’s Delight (M35) and Peltier’s Variable (R Leonis).  Nearly all have been recognized/adopted by the astronomy community, including Sky & Telescope.

     Now it’s time to add another one! 

 I’ve changed the name of the Virgo Diamond to Ivester’s Diamond as a well-deserved and long overdue honor to my good friend and fellow observer Roger Ivester.  Surely anyone reading this is aware of his amazing efforts to promote this tiny asterism.  

     This is in no way, designed to take credit away from Professor Noah Brosch of Tel Aviv University in Israel, for his investigation of the newly discovered asterism in Virgo (March 1, 1991 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society) 

      But again, it has been Roger and his many efforts, who has kept the Virgo Diamond alive for the past 27 years (April 1993) continuing to promote the asterism to the amateur astronomy community.  

      Another very important reason for this name change is to eliminate the confusion of this very “tiny asterism” with the vastly larger, well known, original Virgo Diamond asterism, consisting of Cor Caroli, Denobola, Spica and Arcturus.  

James Mullaney