Criterium Bike Race Brings Cyclings Best To Shelby, North Carolina

I found this picture of an annual cycling event that took place in Shelby, North Carolina from 1996 to about 2000.  It was “The Shelby Criterium” a closed looped course in the uptown area.  Mike Keeley served as director.  

The above picture is Pro Elite Cyclist, Eric Wohlberg who was riding for Saturn/Timex at the time, my wife, Debbie and myself. Wohlberg finished second during the year pictured. His career spanned at least 20 years. He was  a three time Olympian, winner of the Tour of Gila (a stage race held in New Mexico) and seven time Canadian Time Trial Champion (1997-2003 Gold) and (2004-2005 Silver). 

Eric became very good friends with Mike Keeley, and would stay at his house when racing in the criterium.  I also became friends with Eric and would share  an occasional email with him on occasion. 

Mike and I were also fortunate to have been able to do some bike rides with Eric, and also share some good conversation, both on the road and at a local coffee shop.   


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