NGC 1502 Open Cluster and Kemble’s Cascade In Camelopardalis As Observed Through a 76 mm f/4 Reflector

NGC 1502 & Kemble's Cascade-1

NGC 1502 and Kemble’s Cascade

Date: January 15th 2012

Conditions: Excellent

Location: Moderately light polluted backyard in western North Carolina

 76 mm f/4 Dobsonian Reflector, using a 24 eyepiece with 60 degree apparent FOV.  Magnification 13x. 

Telescope:  5.0 degree true field

Faint patch and little resolve of stars.  Double star Struve 485 is in the center of the cluster and appears as a single bright star at low magnification. The cluster is triangular in shape, and fairly easy to see in the small reflector.  This scope presents Kemble’s Cascade as a beautiful and interesting chain of  fifteen stars, with one brighter star noted in the line. 

It was important to me to observe this months Observer’s Challenge Object with this small and inexpensive scope.  I wanted to show that the best scope is not necessarily the finest or most expensive, but the scope that is used most often. 


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