Monday October 8th 2012 – A Memorable Day With My Family

Budding new amateur astronomer’s?  

Grandkids:  They don’t get to be with each other very often. It was wonderful to just watch them interact, talk and have fun.  

It was truly a “moment in time” that I will not soon forget… 

My two sons:  Rev. Roger Chadwick (Chad) South Carolina is on the left, and Bradley Jason (Brad) from Nevada.  

Anna-Grace on the left with her cousin Zoe.  This picture makes me smile and I was indeed a happy PawPaw (as they call me) on this memorable day.  

When we all sat down to eat lunch, Zoe said “this is the best day of my life.”  I must agree with Zoe… it was the best day of my life also.   

Roger Ivester

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