Does Anybody Remember Science Hobbies on Central Avenue in Charlotte?

I will always remember purchasing my first telescope from Science Hobbies in Charlotte, during the mid-70’s.  Science Hobbies was a small hobby store that sold products mostly from Edmund Scientific.  They always had a big 8-inch Edmund f/6 with a massive equatorial mount sitting in the front window.   

My first telescope was an Edmund 4 1/4-inch f/10, equatorially mounted reflector, however, I really wanted the larger 6-inch Super Space Conqueror. I had to settle for the smaller scope, due to the extra cost of the 6-inch.  My budget was very limited at that time….to say the least!

Throughout the years, I always enjoyed going to Science Hobbies.  It was fun to see and feel many of the products from Edmund.  Other than my telescope, I bought a few eyepieces, a pedestal mounted eyepiece holder and other astronomy related equipment.  

I also purchased “The Finest Deep-Sky Objects” by Mullaney and McCall, an Edmund Mag 5 Star Atlas, and all of those fabulous astronomy books written for Edmund by Sam Brown and Terence Dickinson.  

My last trip to Science Hobbies:  

It was a Saturday afternoon, back in the mid-90’s, when my wife Debbie, and I decided to visit Science Hobbies, as so many times before.    

But this time it was different…

We drove into the parking lot, something did not seem right, there was no telescope sitting in the window.  The rusty sign that had been hanging over the front door for many years was missing.  I got out of the car and pressed my nose on the front door.  It was obvious…..the store had closed!  

The last time I had been there, one of the clerks told me that business had been really slow.  This concerned me a bit, and on that day, I was the only person in the store.

I really miss that place, spending time and looking at astronomy equipment “live” and not on the pages of a catalog.  

Retail stores are having a difficult time these days, regardless of what they sell, due to online sales.  

I suppose we have to realize that all things “eventually” change.  However, I really miss those lazy Saturday afternoons visiting Science Hobbies, still now, after almost thirty years… 


Some fabulous information from the “Sky & Telescope” DVD collection concerning the the owner of Science Hobbies, and his 8-inch Edmund Reflector, and home observatory.  I remember this article from the April 1976 S&T as well as if it were yesterday!   

Via Google Maps, using the address from the 1976 “Sky & Telescope” article, I found the observatory (2020) which is still there even today.

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