Edmund Scientific of Years Past

Edmund Scientific was the company that really fueled my interest in amateur astronomy. From the following books (pictured below) to my first serious telescope, an Edmund 4.25-inch f/10 reflector.   It came with a 25mm eyepiece, which was called a 1-inch in the advertisements, and also an adjustable Barlow, to vary the magnifications. 

The year…1976:

This following photo of my Edmund reflector is especially important to me.  Not only a picture of my telescope, but also the living room of an old rented house which was built in 1927, and took a fortune to heat.  However, the rent was really cheap, so it was affordable.  I was just getting started in my working career, and most all of my money was required for the essentials of life.   

 This telescope allowed me to see many of the Messier objects to a level I’d never seen before.  And at that time I was living in a highly light polluted area, so the setting circles were like magic.  Within a short period, I purchased a larger set of setting circles (also from Edmund) which greatly improved my direct-indexing accuracy to locate deep-sky objects.   


It was the “Edmund Sky Guide” that taught me all about Sirius and the companion. However, it would be almost forty years later, before I would finally see Sirius B.  

“Time in Astronomy” taught me how to use setting circles, which really opened up the world of deep-sky observing for me.  At that time, I didn’t know of another person with an interest in astronomy.  So, it was up to me to learn on my own, how to become an amateur astronomer.  I did this by reading the many books by Edmund Scientific, and taking my telescope out into my back yard, night after night.   

It was the 70s and the days when every amateur wanted to see all of the Messier objects.  As a young enthusiastic amateur, the thought of seeing all of these showpiece objects didn’t even seem possible.  

However, I was on my way…  


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