NGC 253 – Galaxy In Sculptor: It’s Far South -25º South Declination Deters Many Amateurs From Observing. However, It’s Possible To Be Observed From Anywhere in The Continental US.

Richard Nugent and Bruce Berger saw the galaxy from Maine at +45º N latitude.

Pencil Sketch as following by Bertrand Laville from France, using a 25-inch Reflector:

Image by Mario Motta:

The data was collected in 2019, counting the number of subs, I have 70 min both Blue, and red filters, and 60 minutes Lum Filter. Green filter was only 40 minutes, likely it began to set in the west too low and could not get more.

This was taken with my 32-inch scope from Gloucester MA, with a ZWO ASI6200 camera.

Processed in Pixinsight

Image by James Dire:

Date/LocationNovember 15, 2009 Wildwood Pines Observatory, Earl, NC
Camera and SettingsSBIG ST-2000XCM CCD Camera -10°C
TelescopeOrion 190mm Maksutov-Newtonian f/5.3
MountParallax HD150
Exposure60 minutes (6 x 10 min)
ProcessingCCDOpts, Image Plus 3.0, Photoshop
OtherMag. 7.1 spiral galaxy in Sculptor. 26.9 x 4.6 arc minutes.

Pencil Sketch by Roger Ivester from North Carolina:

14.5-inch reflector at 125x, from a local dark-site in North Carolina at +35º N latitude on October 22nd 1995. I made the following sketch using a white charcoal pencil on black card stock.

South is up, and East is to the right.

Pencil Sketch by Sue French from New York at +43º N latitude:

10-inch reflector at 68x

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