A World Of Unused Telescopes

I have read articles over the years and heard stories about great telescopes in America for one reason or another, sit idle. Some of these telescopes are classic and very old, but still worthy of great things. 

However, some are relatively new and computer controlled, but for reasons, and some very good reasons are no longer used. The following telescope is in an observatory that was “just built in a bad location” about 35 years ago. When the observatory was first built it was in a “fairly isolated” area and actually pretty dark.

The observatory is now surrounded by multiple soccer fields, a baseball field, and multiple tennis courts with a massive number of incredibly very bright LED lightingso very close.  It would have been impossible for anyone at the time of the building of the observatory to have imagined there would be so much growth in the area. 

Light pollution is a major problem for astronomy everywhere, also creating problems for all life forms:


Unfortunately the same thing has happened to many observatories throughout the country in the past 50 or so years.  And with the increase of high wattage LED lighting….there are very few dark sites left.

The following telescope sits on top of a mountain, but unfortunately the club that owns it has lost access, due to a land sale. I’ve suggested to the club officers, the telescope and all salvable domes and anything else should be disassembled and “at least” put in storage, until another site can be found. However, I have no control over this, but just a logical suggestion.

I have been told, the club is meeting to make a decision on “what to do” at current.

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