A Change of Pace: A few snapshots of family and other stuff.


My west coast granddaughter, Zoe with her 76 mm Orion Dobsonian Telescope.  


My son, Chad, daughter-in-law, Tina, and grandkids



Zoe after a visit to the beauty salon to see her stylist, Tiffany.  The second picture was taken in California after a bit of face painting, along with her Dad, my son, Brad.

East coast grandkids:  L-R:  Anna-Grace, John-Winston, Isaac, and Elisha Ivester



Debbie’s favorite telescope.  A 20 year old Orion/Vixen 102 mm refractor, which allowed me to finally see Sirius B for the first time in 2012.  My first attempt to see the companion to Sirius, also know as the “Pup” was in 1977, but with failure.  However, at that time I was using a 4.25-inch f/10 EQ Edmund Reflector with a spherical mirror.  This was not really the most suitable telescope to attempt to see one of the most difficult doubles.  This famous double began closing at  about that time (1975) and has only opened up wide enough in recent years to allow for the separation using an amateur telescope.  

Roger Ivester And Zoe

This is one of my favorite pictures from 2011.  Zoe and I were at the Red Rock Canyon visitors center, just outside of Las Vegas. 


I call this picture from several years ago:  “A moment in time” when I was able to have all of my grandkids together in South Carolina.  Isaac is to the far left, then John-Winston (c) then Gracie, and Zoe on the far right.  Elisha is in the center with Gracie using his head for a prop.  The vintage 60 mm refractor telescope shown was a gift to the kids by my good friend, Mike Ribadeneyra.  I keep hoping that all of my grandkids will become amateur astronomers one day, however, at the moment it doesn’t look too good.  They are pretty busy these days with other things like swimming, iPhones, video games, MacBooks, iMac’s and messaging with their friends.  


My two sons, Roger Chadwick (L) and Bradley Jason.  I’m really fortunate to have sons like these guys.  Again…this picture was taken a couple or more years ago.  However, this was the last time, I was able to take a picture of both together.  A very special photo to me…


Hey…this is me, working on an astronomy article at the coffee shop on a cold day with light snow.     

FullSizeRenderAnna-Grace seemingly aggravating one of her brothers, John-Winston.


Our Dachshund, Nova Sophia.

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