Phillip Ivester and James Caserio Drag Racing: By Roger Ivester

Phillip Ivester has had excellent success in drag racing, winning “an amazing” 164 events.  He’s also built many race engines and helped many into the world of drag racing….   

His latest assistance has been helping Dr. James Caserio, MD from Hendersonville.  Dr. Caserio presented Phillip a photo book, last night (Thursday, April 22nd 2022) as a tribute for all of his help over the past year.   

Race Car Wheeley


The Dodge Hellcat pictured below, belongs to Dr. James Caserio, MD from Hendersonville, NC 

This is not just a Hellcat, but a (Demonized Hellcat) which indicates the car has received  performance modifications, and now has well over 1,000 horsepower (at the rear wheels).  The engine has 1,300 HP!    




Below photo:  Whipple Supercharger….Not your standard supercharger!  Or as the saying goes; “not your fathers supercharger.”  




Thursday night, March 31st 2022 at Shady Side Dragway in Boiling Springs, North Carolina:

Jim Caserio ran his fastest E.T. (elapsed time) and miles per hour, with an incredible 6.03 seconds, at 119.08 mph (1/8th of a mile.)   

Keep in mind…this car weighs over 4,600 pounds with driver and fuel!


Dr. Caserio (better known as Dr. C) has been working with Phillip, and others for the past year or so, exchanging ideas for performance improvements. 

Dr. C gives Phillip much credit as being his mentor in his quest to enter drag racing, and as mentioned earlier, gave Phillip a book of tribute for all of his help.  

Phillip Ivester and James Caserio (R) 

Phillip and Dr. C

Phillip Ivester, a participant of drag racing for at least forty years!

Phillip Photo


Dr. Caserio in his life as a doctor of internal medicine:   

Dr. C with white-coat

James’ Hellcat, and both of Phillips race cars

Three Cars


Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 5.27.40 PM

Heating up the rear tires for better traction…

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 5.33.23 PM

Racing friends 

Racing Staff


After leaving the drag strip….a nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant in Boiling Springs.  


All loaded up. 

This car might appear as if it can be driven on the highway….but not.   

It’s a race car!  And as mentioned earlier, this Hellcat is capable of running near 120 miles per hour in only 1/8th mile in 6.03 seconds….again at 4,600 pounds! 

(Think about it:  1/8 mile is only 660 feet!) 

We always think about the performance in 1/4 mile:  That would be over 150 mph in the quarter mile.      

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