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Questar Duplex 3.5-inch Telescope with Optional Zerodur Mirror, Broadband Coatings, Powerguide and Quartz Drive

February 2, 2012


     This afternoon I went by my friend Marty’s house for a few pictures of his Questar.  He lives only twenty or so minutes away. 

Sharing his story:  

     Marty always had an interest in Questar’s and hoped that one day he would own one.  During his early teens he would look at the Questar advertisement that would grace the back of the front cover of “Sky & Telescope Magazine” for so many years.  

     The advertisement featured a picture of this beautiful gem, and in bold letters “Questar Does It All” and then a small caption at the bottom “Questar, the world’s finest, most versatile telescope.” 

     Marty grew up in Queens, New York, and at the age of eighteen (1965) he visited the Questar factory, located in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  A demonstration scope was set-up, trained on a coin, a quarter, which was about fifty foot away.  He was very impressed with the most minute details that could be seen with this small scope.  

     Marty continued to look at those “Sky & Telescope Magazine” advertisements, and in 1996, only 31 years later, he was finally able to purchase his Questar.    

Roger Ivester