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The Observer’s Challenge Report: Contributions and Value To The Amateur Astronomy Community

March 12, 2017

The Observer’s Challenge is the only report which allows any serious amateur astronomer the opportunity to share their observations, notes, sketches or images in an organized monthly report, with other amateurs from all over the country and beyond. 

During busy times in the past, if not for the challenge report, I might not have taken my telescope outside. Sometimes it can just be too easy to stay in a warm house during the winter months, or a cool house during the heat and humidity of summer.  

Miss one month, then it becomes two, and now you are thinking about selling your telescope(s) and all of your astronomy equipment. 

Sometimes we all need motivation:  

At times we all need some encouragement, or some motivation, not only in  amateur astronomy, but most any endeavor we might undertake.  

After more than 40 years as an amateur, sometimes that excitement and enthusiasm can be somewhat diminished.  When this occurs, the Observer’s Challenge, sharing emails, and talking with amateurs, far from my own backyard can renew that desire to be out under the stars with a telescope. 

Roger Ivester