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NGC 3190 Leo Compact Galaxy Cluster. A rough field sketch using a 10-inch reflector at 114x

April 10, 2011


NGC 3190 Leo Galaxy Cluster

NGC 3193 is very bright, round with a stellar nucleus.  

NGC 3190 is elongated, lens shape with a brighter more concentrated middle.  

NGC 3187 at 13.1 magnitude is the faintest and most difficult of the group.  When observed with the 10-inch, averted vision is required. It appears as little more than a faint glow, requiring an excellent night just to glimpse.  I have never been able to hold this faint galaxy constantly, even with averted vision.  On many nights, I am unable to see this galaxy.  

NGC 3185 at magnitude 12.2 appears very faint and diffuse with a slight elongated halo.  The surface brightness is very low, with a brighter concentrated middle, however, subtle.   


NGC 2419 as seen through a 4-inch refractor stopped down to 60 mm’s

April 7, 2011