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M71 – Globular Cluster In Sagitta – Observer’s Challenge Object – September 2019

October 15, 2019


6-inch reflector:  Pencil sketch, using a blank 5 x 8 notecard, with the colors inverted.  Roger Ivester



Sh2-114 “The Flying Dragon” Nebula in Cygnus by Guest Host, Mario Motta

October 7, 2019

Don’t try and see this one visually….way too faint.  

Last night was nice, took 4 hour total exposure of Sh2-114 in Cygnus.  (32-inch reflector) 9×9 arc minute multiple shock front of prior supernova explosions, interestingly though primarily hydrogen, some sulfur, practically no oxygen. (Ha, S2, O3 filters)

Called the “Flying Dragon” for its appearance. North is to the right in this image.     

Enjoy….Mario Motta 


A Nice Visit With Richard Nugent; Amateur Astronomer and Friend From Boston

October 4, 2019

Photo:  Richard, Debbie and myself having lunch.  

Afterwards we enjoyed a nice drive around the community, with plenty of good conversation. 

Later in the evening, an observing session from my back deck.  We observed galaxy NGC 7448….the Observer’s Challenge object for October.  

What is the Observer’s Challenge report?

Richard and I share a similar story as amateur astronomers.  Both of us became interested  in astronomy at about the same age, during the late 60’s.   

At that time, I was using my brothers 60 mm refractor.  Richard was fortunate to have an 8-inch reflector.  

We really enjoyed Richard’s visit!  



Volcanic Activity In Yellowstone, And A Unique Nighttime Photo Of An Eruption of “Old Faithful” By Guest Host: Mario Motta

October 2, 2019

Nikon D80, 17 mm fixed lens on 3200 ASA setting, 30 second exposure, minimal processing

Perseus and Andromeda can be seen above the eruption!  Mario Motta 

It’s interesting that Mario should have sent and shared this entry at this time.  My wife Debbie and I were just talking about “Old Faithful” and how great it would be to visit Yellowstone.   

I remember finding out about the famous geyser in a science book, while in the 6th grade.  

Roger Ivester