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NGC 6823/Sh 2-86: Open Cluster/Emission Nebula in Vulpecula: September Observer’s Challenge Report #152

September 13, 2021

This is our “work-file” report for the Observer’s Challenge, used for organization, review and edits only. When all report submissions are received, personal photos are added and a final .pdf report will be issued by the 10th of the following month. (The cutoff date to receive submissions for the September report is October 8th, and hopefully we can issue the report by the 10th.)

Mario Motta: Observer from Massachusetts

The following image was taken with my 32-inch f/6.5, with ZWO ASI6200 camera, using 2 hours Halpha, 1 hour each O-III and S2 NB filters, processed pixinsight. 

I love the field with young new open star cluster (NGC 6823) and the surrounding nebula (Sh 2-86) filled with “pillars” and bok globules, reminiscent of the Eagle Nebula nearby.

This region would benefit from a nice wide-field image of the full surrounding nebula, but I will leave that to the imagers with the abilities to take wider-field images. And I will “zoom” into the fine detail at the heart of this nebula.

For scale the open cluster is 50 LY across, and the nebula is 600 LY away…

Venu Venugopal: Observer from Massachusetts

The following image was taken from my Chelmsford, MA backyard on 9/8/21.
Telescope: 8-inch f/4 Newtonian reflector, GEM 45, ZWO ASI533MC

Optolong L-eNHance filter; 30 minutes total exposure and 30 second sub frames.

Anas Sawallha: Observer from Jordan

This month’s Observer’s Challenge object is open cluster NGC 6823, surrounded by nebula, Sh 2-86 in Vulpecula, located about 6,000 light years away.

The nebula was difficult to see through my 5-inch reflector, however with the aid of a UHC filter, it became more apparent.

I observed this object from a Bortle 2 location and could see a rhomboidal shaped nebulosity, but unfortunately I did not sketch.

At a later date, I revisited from a Bortle 3-4 location and not surprisingly, the nebula was much diminished from my first observation with the darker site, as to be expected.

Sketch follows:

Roger Ivester:  Observer from North Carolina 

NGC 6823/Sh 2-86:  Cluster/Nebula in Vulpecula 

Date:  September 2, 2021 

Telescope:  10-inch f/4.5 reflector 

NELM:  4.9

Sketch Magnification:  160x

Eyepieces:  20mm Erfle + 2.8x Barlow

Field of View:  0.375º –  22.5 arc minutes 

Sparse cluster with ~ 20 stars counted @ 160x, with a central concentration of several brighter members.  With careful and patient observing, despite the less than optimum transparency, and moving the cluster in-and-out of the view, from east to west, I could see some faint, but very large nebulosity ENE of the cluster.  No filter was used.  

To be able see the faint nebula after more than an hour was well worth the time, but once seen, it was surprisingly easy.





Extraordinary! Huge Solar Prominence on The Sun Today! Date: September 11, 2021: By Guest-Host: Mario Motta

September 11, 2021

Hello all!

Sue French alerted me to a huge prominence on the sun today, and I was fortunate to be able to make this image. Thank you Sue French!

Mario Motta

Stargazing Simplified: An Original Article From Sky & Telescope Magazine: Submitted by Guest Host and Author: James Mullaney

September 6, 2021