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M76 – Planetary Nebula in Perseus – December 2020 Observer’s Challenge Report: #143

November 29, 2020

Compiled by:

Roger Ivester, North Carolina 


Sue French, New York

December 2020

Report #143

M76, Planetary Nebula in Perseus

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My Ultimate Image Of The Horsehead Nebula: By Guest Host, Mario Motta

November 24, 2020

I did a 4 hour exposure (32-inch telescope) of the horsehead using 6 filters. Ten days I ago spent 4 hours obtaining a new horsehead nebula. This is using 6 filters, red, green, blue, but also Ha, S2 and O3. Using narrowband is tricky for color balance but using the RGB helped that out, and got the intrinsic resolution enhancement of the narrow band filters. Been busy, so finally processed this weekend. My previous image was eight years ago only RGB. There is significantly more detail in this image than my prior. I had to play with the six different filter stack sets to get just the right balance of detail and color.

If anyone wants to see my collection of over 600 images, broken into messier, NGC, IC, etc, go to:

Thank you, Mario Motta

NGC 278 – Galaxy in Cassiopeia – November 2020 Observers Challenge: #142

November 15, 2020

Compiled by:

Roger Ivester, North Carolina 


Sue French, New York

November 2020

Report #142

NGC 278, Galaxy in Cassiopeia

Complete report: Click on the following link